Avatar group

The Avatar group is a collection of Avatars stacked one over the other to cover cases where more than one avatar needs to be displayed.

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Up to date


For cases when more than one avatar is needed, Soul defines an Avata group. Avatar group is a horizontal stack of Avatar with a 1px border to separate them. Each avatar contains a hover interaction to populate a tooltip with information about the user or profile.

Avatar group
Avatar group - tooltip



We display a maximum of up to five avatars at a time. If there are six or more, we use a numbered avatar to represent the additional ones. For more information, see the documentation on overflow.

On hover of that number, the rest of the hidden elements are displayed in a tooltip.

Avatar group - Overflow
Avatar group - Overflow tooltip



Avatar group can be displayed in five different sizes. The size should be responsibly chosen by context and space. As a default size, Soul defines Medium.

Avatar group - Sizes