Write the numbers as a cipher, not a word.


Write numbers as ciphers, not words.

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DoThere are 2 users in this label group.Don’tThere are two users in this label group.


Large numbers

When expressing numbers greater than 999 in numerals, use a comma.

The maximum dimension is 30,000 pixels.

Express large and very large numbers in numerals followed by million, billion, etc.

The photo is larger than 80 million pixels, which is the maximum.



K (thousand): 10 thousand –> 10K engagements (capital K and no space between the cipher and "thousand")

  • 12K
  • +5K
  • 14K engagements (don't capitalize the words following the number)



Use a % sign for percentages: 75%


Date and time

See the section Date and time


Money and currency