Email product notifications

Emails are used to notify users about updates in the account and product. They can be used for one major feature or for a cluster of minor features, but it must always focus on a single message.

Emails are used to notify users about updates in the account and product.

The anatomy of content in an email is outlined below.

  • Subject line: The subject line should be short and summarize the message.
  • H1 headline: Product emails always include a main headline that summarizes the main message. The headline should be short but clear enough that the user understands the entire message by reading the headline alone.

Example of a typical product email

  • H2 headline: When an image is included in the email, you may want to include a secondary header. This will usually go under the image.

Example of a product email with an H2 headline

  • Body text: Elaborate on the core message in the body text. You may use relevant hyperlinks. Make the message as short and specific as possible
  • CTA button: While a button is not necessary, if it is included, each email should only be limited to a single button that is focused on the main message. The button can appear in the middle of the body text, or at the end. Refer to the button guidelines for how to word the primary CTA. For secondary CTAs, use hyperlinks.

In general:

  • Leave out the first name in the intro
  • Try to keep the subject line around 40 characters long or less
  • To demonstrate that text should be coded, put the text in {brackets}