A headline's goal is to quickly and briefly suggest what the rest of the content is going to be about, no matter if it's a whole page, a delete modal or an empty state.

When crafting headlines

  • Keep headlines simple and direct.
  • Start with an action verb and use the active voice every time it’s possible.
  • When writing a headline for a teasing page, you can get more creative than in other cases.
  • Don’t add periods to your headlines. Period, or full-stop is an imaginary break and it might stop the reader from going on to the rest of the text.
  • Only use periods for abbreviations and for headlines composed of two phrases. In such a case, separate the first phrase by a period (or a semicolon).
  • An empty state can be a title as well, that's why they don't end with a period, especially those with an illustration and additional
  • It's ok to use an ampersand (&) as a part of a title.