Product content style guide

Copy in the Emplifi Platform guides users through the whole platform and helps them do their job well.

Our communication is value-focused and useful.

All in-product texts are easy-to-read, concise, consistent, and modern.

Our voice underpins Emplifi's mission to help brands work smarter on social media through AI-powered marketing and to put customer success at the heart of everything we do.

Our tone reflects our role as a helpful, friendly, and professional companion to our users.

Our voice is supportive, welcoming, and inclusive.

Our language is always clear and concise and our messaging is transparent.

It is also informal and creative. That said, we value clarity over casual language and creativity.

We’re professional. Our product copy is consistent and correct, both factually and grammatically.

We make sure technical language doesn't get in the way of the users’ understanding, and we avoid jargon and ambiguity.




Emplifi's official voice and tone

Empathetic, but not fluffy

  • Write and speak with compassion, recognition and sincerity
  • Show genuine empathy by listening, guiding, supporting and being responsive

Friendly, but not jokey

  • Write and speak with an approachable, light, conversational voice
  • We’re always supportive and respectful of our users

Authentic, but not blunt

  • Write and speak with refreshing honesty and understanding
  • Openness is central to how we interact with our audience

Confident, but not arrogant

  • Write and speak with consistency, certainty and clarity to provide reassurance
  • We aim to determine situations, not judge them

Expert, but not bossy

  • Write and speak with authority about our specialistic knowledge
  • We always draw on our deep expertise to share fresh insights

Energetic, but not overexcitable

  • Write and speak with enthusiastic, affirmative language about the positive impact